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Savvy Business has been a versatile partner for chemical, power generation, manufacturing, food and drug processing, petroleum, and other industrial customers. We understand that industrial concrete construction projects are rarely typical and always challenging, so we’ve built an unparalleled reputation for managing the most complex jobs. Whether retrofitting workspaces to include new pits, pouring equipment foundations, facilities expansion and upgrade to incorporating the latest technology


Savvy Business is a preferred concrete foundation contractor for commercial construction clients requiring machinery, equipment, or attraction foundations constructed with precise tolerances. We have 40 years of experience in erecting and repairing ring foundations, tanks foundations, equipment foundations and pits, waterpark, ride and roller coaster foundations as well as specialty foundations such as hospital radiation vaults. We are known for our dependability and flexibility and have a stellar reputation for quality and performance in commercial concrete construction.

Specialty Contractor Trade

We offer both routine and ongoing civil, structural, architectural and maintenance needs. Our full-time crew includes carpenters, iron workers, concrete finishers, laborers and operators. 


Savvy Business works with several of the best metal building manufacturers and can provide preliminary design, budgets, competitive orders and full design. No matter your needs, from the foundation to the very last bolt, we can provide a quality structure that is your custom solution.

Design Build

Savvy Business is your single source for complete turn key construction solutions. Our comprehensive services range from the initial design concept to full-service management and execution of all phases of construction. Our fast, cost-effective design-build method allows us to partner with our customers, architects and engineers to reduce design time, accelerate construction schedules and maximize results. Our full-service construction services save our clients the time and money it could take to work separately with all of the needed professional service firms. 


Whether you’re considering a simple property update or a complex renovation, we’ll help you plan out each step of the project. Putting our excellent knowledge of design trends and local building codes to good use, we can help you weigh an array of quality options. We take pride in providing great customer service, and you can expect nothing short of honest advice and thoughtful insights. We’ll also deliver attractive, high-quality work that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come. Our services include: