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PreBuilt Portable Building Office

Often times, when a business is in the middle of a, remodel they can use one of these buildings to supplement space while the repairs are being done. These buildings are great in this instance for normal remodeling times. But remodeling can go off course or wrong making them take longer than possible. Therefore having a nice building for your use is helpful. You can purchase or rent these buildings so there are no hard decisions you have to make when it comes to making the best choice for your remodel.

Construction Sites

These buildings are not just great for current business on-site remodels, they also work great for the construction companies that are doing the remodel. Giving your workers a place to go to take breaks and file paperwork can speed up the process of the construction. If there are issues and the owner of the business needs to discuss changes in the construction with you they have a place to go to sit down and get things figured out without having to travel far. It is an aid in customer service. Since these are pre-built portable building office for sale for your use, you can easily move the building from location to location and have a great place to house the things that need to stay indoors with little hassle.

Prebuilt Home

Since our prebuilt portable building offices for sale can have multiple uses as well as have the ability to be permanent or rented you can easily use one as a home. This is great to know because people are often building homes on large pieces of land. That can take a while, especially if you are contracting out and also doing some on your own. It allows you to stay on the property and oversee everything being done. Easily being able to follow the process of your home being built can speed up the process if an issue arises. You are able to make snap decisions and change things that are not working well with the construction of the home. These buildings can also work for a permanent housing structure on your property. 

Prefabricated Buildings & Guard Houses

Savvy Business manufactures many turn-key prefabricated buildings and guard houses that can have little to no downtime. These prefabricated buildings are constructed at our location and are shipped to your facility, ready for installation. Having the prefab building assembled here means no mess and a strong, built for transportation building for you.

Ballistic Rated Buildings |

If your facility has any threat level, we recommend not hesitating to invest in a ballistic structure to protect your facility and above all else, your employees. Savvy Business Ballistic Rated Guard Houses are prefabricated and made from Carbon steel or stainless steel construction. These guard houses can be constructed to meet all UL bulletproof levels (up to Level 10, a .50 Caliber round) and NIJ levels (up to IV .30-06).

Custom Modular Projects

Modular construction offers a variety of building options from large exterior buildings to inplant offices that fit right in your warehouse. Sometimes the standard modular building is not enough to fit a specific business need. Panel Built offers many custom options to accommodate different construction variations.

All of our projects are built 100% to customers’ specifications.  You will not find any cookie cutter structures from us.   No matter what application you will be using our structures for, we can build a structure that best serves you.